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Preparing for Severe Weather in TN

2/20/2023 (Permalink)

storm clouds forming over an open field Prepare for storms this Severe Weather Awareness Week by learning to be Weather Ready!

Tennessee's Severe Weather Awareness Week is an annual event that aims to raise awareness about severe weather hazards and encourage Tennesseans to take the necessary steps to prepare for these events. Over the next week, various severe weather events and safety procedures are highlighted to inform our residents of how to respond to them (schedule listed at the bottom). Also, check out our other blog posts for Commercial Storm Damage Tips and Residential Storm Damage Tips for even more information on how to stay weather ready!

Know What Severe Hazards to Look For!

The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency's (TEMA) core mission is "to protect the public from disasters and emergencies." They have outlined 13 hazards that pose the greatest risk to the state of Tennessee. Out of the 13, 8 of them or natural hazards. The state hazard mitigation plan outlines all hazards and actions you can take to protect you and your family. 

  1. Drought
  2. Earthquake
  3. Extreme Temperatures
  4. Wildfire
  5. Flood
  6. Geologic
  7. Severe Weather
  8. Tornado

Stay Informed

One of the most critical steps in preparing for severe weather is to stay informed about potential hazards. Tennesseans can sign up for alerts from their local emergency management agency or download a weather app to receive real-time updates about severe weather events. This will help them make informed decisions about when to take shelter and protect themselves and their loved ones.

Have a Plan

In addition to staying informed, Tennesseans are encouraged to develop an emergency plan. This plan should outline the steps they will take to stay safe during a severe weather event, such as finding a safe shelter and having an emergency kit on hand. An emergency kit should include items like a first aid kit, a flashlight, a battery-powered radio, and non-perishable food and water.

Protect Your Property

In addition to preparing for severe weather, Tennesseans are also encouraged to take steps to protect their homes and properties. This may include trimming trees and bushes, securing loose objects in their yards, and making sure that their roofs and windows are in good condition. At SERVPRO Team Caldwell, we understand that severe weather events can be overwhelming and stressful. That's why we're here to help. Our team of experienced professionals can provide fast, reliable restoration services to help Tennesseans get back to their normal lives after a severe weather event. Whether it's water damage, fire damage, or mold remediation, we're here to help. 

TN Severe Weather Awareness Week 2023 Themes

Commercial Property Disaster

2/7/2023 (Permalink)

At SERVPRO Team Caldwell, we understand the importance of quickly and effectively restoring your commercial property after a disaster. That's why we offer comprehensive commercial restoration services to help you get your business back on track. Here's what you can expect when you choose SERVPRO for your commercial restoration needs. 

  • Rapid Response: Our team of professionals are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency and start the restoration process as soon as possible.
  • Customized Solutions: We understand that every commercial property is unique, and we work with you to develop a customized plan that meets your specific needs.
  • Professional Equipment: Our technicians use the latest and most advanced equipment to ensure the most effective restoration possible.
  • Experienced Technicians: Our team is made up of highly trained professionals who have the expertise and knowledge to handle even the most complex commercial restoration projects.
  • Communication and Coordination: We work closely with you and your insurance company to ensure a smooth and efficient restoration process.
  • Minimal Interruption: Our goal is to restore your property with minimal interruption to your business operations. We work quickly and efficiently to get you back to business as usual as soon as possible.
  • Quality Guaranteed: Our commitment to quality is evident in every project we complete. We stand behind our work and guarantee your complete satisfaction.

We are dedicated to helping you get your business back to normal after a disaster. Our team of professionals will work with you every step of the way to ensure a timely and effective restoration process. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial restoration services.

Scalds: Hot Liquids Burn Like Fire

2/6/2023 (Permalink)

hand grabbing hot sauce pan off of stove top National Burn Awareness Week is Feb. 5-11 featuring "SCALDS: Hot liquids burn like fire"

Every year, thousands of people in the United States suffer from burn-related injuries. In 2020, the Center for Disease Control reported that over 276,000 people received medical care for unintentional burn injuries and more than 91,000 required hospital treatment. To help reduce these numbers, the American Burn Association started National Burn Awareness Week: an initiative that aims to raise awareness about the dangers of burns and scalds, and to educate the public about how to prevent these types of injuries from happening. This year’s theme, “Scalds: Hot Liquids Burn Like Fire,” highlights the dangers of hot liquids and how consumers can prevent burn-related injuries from occurring at home. Assistant Commissioner for Fire Prevention, Gary Farley, has stated that "During National Burn Awareness Week, I want to remind Tennesseans who might be cooking at home to always focus on fire safety whenever they are in the kitchen in order to prevent painful, scalding burns and dangerous home fires from occurring." To help raise awareness of the importance of home fire safety, consumers are reminded to keep the following tips and first-aid practices in mind. 

How to Avoid Scald Injuries:

Hot liquids pose a danger, just as fire does. If you are not careful, hot liquids can cause serious injury. To help prevent burn-related injuries from occurring at home, it is important to be aware of the dangers of hot liquids and to take appropriate precautions. By following these tips, you can reduce the risk of scald injuries and keep yourself and your loved ones safe.
  • Keep hot liquids and substances away from children and pets. Children and pets are more susceptible to scalds because their skin is thinner and more sensitive.
  • Use caution when handling hot liquids, such as coffee or soup, and never walk or run with them.
  • Set your hot water heater to a temperature no higher than 120°F to reduce the risk of scalds from tap water.
  • Install anti-scald devices on faucets and shower heads. These devices are designed to limit the amount of hot water that can flow through the faucet, helping to prevent scalds from occurring.
  • Check the temperature of bath water before getting in and use a thermometer if necessary.
  • Avoid using extremely hot tap water for cooking, cleaning, or washing dishes.
  • Keep the handles of pots and pans turned inward on the stove to prevent them from being knocked over.
  • Use oven mitts or pot holders when handling hot pots and pans.
  • Use caution when opening a microwave oven, as steam can escape and cause a scald.
  • Be prepared in case of an emergency. Keep a first-aid kit in your home that includes burn ointment, a clean cloth, and a cool, damp compress to help treat minor burns.

Firs-Aid for Burns:

Burns are tissue damage, ranging from minor to severe, that can cause pain, redness, and blisters. In some cases, burns can even lead to scarring and long-term skin damage. Knowing when to seek medical attention, and how to treat burns at home, is important in order to minimize the risk of complications. 

When to Seek Emergency Care

Call 911 or seek immediate care for major burns that:
  • Are deep, involving all layers of the skin
  • Cause the skin to be dry and leathery
  • Are larger than 3" in diameter
  • Cover the hands, feet, face, groin, a major joint, or encircles an arm or leg
  • Are caused by chemicals or electricity
  • Are accompanied by symptoms such as fever, chills, or excessive redness/swelling

Home Treatment for Minor Burns

  • Remove the heat source to prevent further injury
  • Cool the burn with cool water for 10-15 minutes to help reduce pain and swelling
  • Apply an over-the-counter topical cream or ointment, such as aloe vera or an antibiotic cream
  • Cover the burn with a sterile bandage or cloth to prevent infection
  • Seek medical attention if injury needs more care.
 It is important to remember that while minor burns can be treated at home, severe burns should always be evaluated by a medical professional. Minor burns might also need emergency care if it affects the eyes, mouth, hands, or genital areas or if it the burn affects a baby or older adult. To learn more about National Burn Awareness week, visit the American Burn Association. For more fire safety tips, visit or the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA)

The Water Restoration Process

3/30/2022 (Permalink)

When experiencing the first few moments of a water disaster, you are typically flooded with emotions while also trying to quickly figure out what to do next. Knowing what to do in the event of a water disaster will allow for a faster restoration process, and will save you time and money. 

If water damage is left unaddressed for a while, secondary damage can occur. SERVPRO of Weakley, Gibson, Carroll Counties is your 24-hour emergency water and fire restoration company. We are “Faster to any size disaster” with our six-step water damage restoration plan.  

6 Steps Water Damage Restoration Plan 

  1. Initial Emergency Contact

Water disasters are typically unexpected and hardly ever occur at an ideal time for home or business owners. This is why SERVPRO is available and prepared 24/7 to help you when disaster strikes. Once you have made the initial phone call, a SERVPRO professional will ask you important questions regarding the situation. Our goal is to gather as much information about the disaster and draft a response plan specific to your situation. This response plan gives us an idea of how many technicians and equipment are needed to start the restoration process at your home or business. 

  1. Inspection & Damage Assessment

Once SERVPRO technicians are on-site, we will immediately verify that the property is safe and take the necessary measures to prevent any further damage to the affected area if it is within our capabilities. Once your property is safe and secure, we will then conduct a thorough inspection of the affected areas to determine the next best course of action. We will then report our findings to the home or business owner.

  1. Moisture Extraction

To prevent the development of mold or other secondary damage, SERVPRO technicians begin to quickly extract standing water that can seep into belongings surrounding it. Our high-performance grade vacuums and water pumps accomplish this task rapidly and can remove hundreds of gallons at a time.

  1. Dehumidifying & Drying

After all of the standing water has been extracted, the moisture removal process can begin. SERVPRO dehumidifiers and high-grade dryers are used to pull moisture out of the air and out of porous surfaces in your home or business such as wood or fabrics. This process is what deters mold from growing and can help prevent further damage.

  1. Cleaning Belongings

All items that have come into contact with the water are prone to becoming a contamination hazard. The water may have come from a clean source, but the water passes through other unknown materials. This is why we take the sanitization process so seriously. To prevent hazards, SERVPRO of Weakley, Gibson, Carroll Counties will thoroughly remove unwanted microbes from your belongings. SERVPRO also provides a deodorization service that removes musty, water-damage smells. 

  1. Restoration & Repair

Once on the scene, SERVPRO will see your home or business restoration through to the end. You can count on us to never leave you with a partially completed job. SERVPRO not only handles the cosmetic aspects of the restoration process, but we tackle the construction details too. SERVPRO of Weakley, Gibson, Carroll Counties can repair structural damage, apply paint and complete the finishing touches on your home or business “Like it never even happened.”

Faced With Sewage Damage To Your Business?

3/28/2022 (Permalink)

Cables Wall Outlet Be sure to turn off all electronic devices after a sewage disaster.

Coming into work Monday morning to find sewage damage in your business or commercial property can be frightening and disgusting. You may be tempted to throw in the towel, but you'll need to be alert throughout the entire sewer cleanup process! Specific steps need to be followed if your sewage disaster is more than a simple floor leak. While SERVPRO of Weakley, Gibson, Carroll County professionals can do the cleaning for you, there are three procedures you execute if you encounter sewage damage in your business.

  1. Address The Electronics

The first step you should take is eliminating any safety hazards near the sewer backup, specifically electronic devices. Without coming in contact with the sewage, all items or devices that run on electricity need to be turned off or unplugged as soon as possible! Surrounding areas could become hazardous if the water touches one of these items. Below is a brief list of devices to be mindful of in a business or commercial property setting:

  • Computers/Laptops
  • Chargers
  • Video Equipment
  • Office Printers
  • Lobby/Breakroom Televisions
  1. Create Ventilation: Open Windows

After a sewage disaster, it does not take long before mold begins to grow and is discovered. To avoid additional damage to your business or commercial property, airing out your space is essential! Additionally, the fresh air reduces some of the unruly smell from sewage backflow and moisture in the air. 

  1. Remove Endangered Items

All items that have come into contact with sewage should be left to the professionals to clean and disinfect. For all restorable items, SERVPRO professionals can properly sanitize and return them to your business. If the sewage water is continually leaking, it is wise to remove non-contaminated items from the affected area so no additional property is lost. 

The sewer cleanup process at your business or commercial property will go smoother if you remember and execute these three steps! Knowing what you can do to help immediately following a sewage backflow could help save your business money and restoration time. When SERVPRO restoration experts arrive, relay everything you know about the situation. Our goal is to help you get back on your feet as soon as possible! Sewage damage is never pretty, but with SERVPRO of Weakley, Gibson, Carroll Counties it does not have to be debilitating for your business! 

3 Ways To Identify A Tub or Shower Leak

3/25/2022 (Permalink)

Water appliances in your home such as sinks, tubs, showers, dishwashers, and washing machines are often the cause of many water disasters. Depending on the location of the appliances, water leaks can cause quite a bit of damage on both levels of your home. For example, if a bathtub leaks on the second floor, water will travel down into the first floor of your home. As the water travels, it will weaken the ceiling on the first floor and drywall on both levels. If the water is not properly extracted and dried, moisture will build and hidden mold will begin to grow. Due to the location of the leak, the mold may be difficult to remove as time goes on. If you are having issues with your tub or shower, there are a few ways to identify potential leaks.

  1. How Old Is Your Shower Pan?

There can be many causes of shower leaks, but age is one of the most common. Shower pans are supposed to last for a long time, but after three or more decades, they begin to expire. If your home has a crawl space and you start to notice discoloration in your tiles around the base of the shower, it may be time to inspect your crawl space for leaks. This may be an indicator that your shower pan has seen better days. 

  1. Are There Old Water Stains On The Ceiling? 

If a bathtub leak or failed shower pan, especially on the second floor, is left unattended for a length of time, it can cause a dangerous situation. The water weakens the floor and causes the ceiling to sag. If the cause of the leak is never identified or fixed, repeated leaks could cause mold growth inside your ceiling. If you notice stains on the first floor of your home, directly below a second-floor bathroom, you may have a leak. 

  1. Check Out You Shower Tiles 

You can learn a lot about your unit by looking at your shower tiles. Tiles on the bottom half of the shower fall off or become loose if a shower pan leak occurs. You can assume there is a leak somewhere behind the tile if the wall feels damp or looks moldy. 

If you are experiencing leaks from your tub or shower and need water clean-up, restoration, and construction services, call SERVPRO of Weakley, Gibson, Carroll Counties at 731-784-4938. We’ll handle all of it and make your water disaster “Like it never even happened.”

Do's & Don'ts After Trauma

3/24/2022 (Permalink)

After a traumatic event, mustering the strength needed to take the first steps toward recovery can be challenging. If your property requires trauma or crime scene cleanup, SERVPRO of Weakley, Gibson, Carroll Counties can help restore your home. Traumatic situations require experience, training, and respect for all involved. SERVPRO of Weakley, Gibson, Carroll Counties tries to make the restoration process as stress-free as possible. Once police investigations are complete, cleanup can begin. While you are waiting for help to arrive, it is important to remember what you can do and what you can’t.

What To Do:

In the event of a crime or accident, the top concern is preventing any more accidents or loss of life. The second concern is preventing any more damages to your home or property.

  1. Call Emergency Personnel
    • Call emergency service personnel if the situation is life-threatening.
  2. Stay Out of The Area
    • Stay out of the areas that have been affected by the event as there may be potentially dangerous hazardous materials left behind.
  3. Treat Fluids As If Contaminated
    • Treat all bodily fluids as if they are contaminated.

What Not To Do:

  1. Don’t Attempt to Clean
    • Don’t attempt cleanup of any kind.

  2. Don’t Touch or Handle Items

    • Don't touch or handle items that may be contaminated with bodily fluids.

Beware of Blackberry Winters

3/24/2022 (Permalink)

Around this time of year, from late April to mid-May, we begin to enjoy the increasingly warmer temperatures, but then, occasionally, a cold snap occurs. Here in the South, we call this brief period of frost and cold weather “blackberry winters.” This time of year, blackberries are in full bloom, and the sudden drop in temperatures during a blackberry winter kills the berry bushes as well as other plants. Blackberry winters are a threat to most farmers growing new plants and homeowners that just bought new plants. However, a sudden frost can cause more problems than covering plants.

In the past, forecasts show temperatures dropping into the low 30s during blackberry winters. As tired as we are worrying about frozen pipes, blackberry winters that occur overnight can lead to water damage in your home. The cooler temperatures can also have you reaching for your space heaters, electric blankets, and your fireplace for one last use before spring hits and temperatures rise. Practice proper fire safety and watch the weather for predicted frosts. Plan accordingly for these sudden declines in temperature, and remember to leave cabinet doors open so warm air can surround your pipes.

Being mindful of blackberry winters, not only saves you from potentially losing those beautiful new plants you just put out on the porch, but also saves you a lot of money in damages to your property. If you find yourself facing a water or fire disaster after a blackberry winter, call SERVPRO of Weakley, Gibson, Carroll Counties at 731-784-4938. We are “Faster to any size disaster” and are “Here to help.”

How To Prevent Secondary Damages To Your Commercial Property

3/23/2022 (Permalink)

When commercial owners don't notice a water intrusion immediately or fail to fix minor initial water issues, properties can develop secondary complications. Structural deterioration or black mold affects the water and can cause severe and costly damage. Property owners in West Tennessee should understand why secondary damage is so concerning and how to avoid these complications.

  1. Lack of Attention Leads to Mold

Fungal spores, or decomposers, are all around us. However, they become a problem for property owners when they come into contact with water. Liquid feeds the microbes, encouraging them to reproduce and triggers growth. The following conditions create the perfect environment for microbes to spread and demand attention… 

  • Lingering Puddles
  • Plumbing Leaks or Drips
  • Damp, Dark Cabinets or Closets
  • Flooding
  • High Humidity Levels

Address these issues as soon as possible to help prevent secondary damages from starting.

  1. Secondary Issues May Appear First

Signs of hidden moisture are typically only revealed after it penetrates through materials. Peeling paint, warped flooring, discoloration, spots, and musty odors are all early indicators of black mold.

In many situations, leaks occur out of sight in crawl spaces. Certified SERVPRO Mold Remediation Specialists can investigate the situation, and tackle the cleanup and remediation process.

  1. Focus on Drying and Gutting

Dealing with secondary damage can be a time-consuming process and requires patience. To prevent future property complications, the remediation and restoration process should be thorough. SERVPRO Professionals…

  • Extract as much moisture as possible.
  • Monitor dampness using a moisture reader.
  • Place SERVPRO dehumidifiers to pull out the humidity from walls, floors, the air, and objects around the clock. 
  • Remove drenched items.
  • Perform flood cuts on the drywall below the water lines.
  • Toss contaminated carpeting and non-salvageable items.

SERVPRO of Weakley, Gibson, Carroll Counties can help protect your commercial property from these secondary harms. The longer you wait to call, the greater the chance is to experience additional property loss.

Crime Scene Clean-ups

3/23/2022 (Permalink)

Unfortunate, traumatic circumstances require empathy, respect, and experience. SERVPRO professionals are prepared both physically and mentally to assist you in any way they can. Traumatic events often involve biological and chemical contaminants. Whether your home or business requires hazmat, trauma, or crime scene cleanup, SERVPRO of Weakley, Gibson, Carroll Counties is “Here to help.”  

SERVPRO offers chemical, biohazard, and crime scene cleanup. Once the police have completed their investigation of a crime scene, cleanup and restoration can begin. Everything must be done in compliance with government, environmental, and health regulations. This involves an assessment of your property to determine the proper equipment and cleaning products needed.

Why Choose SERVPRO?

  • #1 In The Clean-Up And Restoration Industry
    • SERVPRO is a trusted leader in the restoration industry.
  • Provide 24/7 Emergency Services
    • In a hazmat event, urgency and immediate action are necessary. Biological and chemical hazards to your property expose you, your family, or your employees to potential health risks.
  • Highly Trained Technicians
    • SERVPRO professionals are trained to safely clean and remove bio-hazardous substances and dispose of them properly by OSHA, EPA protocols, and health regulations.
  • Easier Insurance Claim Process
    • SERVPRO will help you navigate the insurance claims process and coordinate the necessary paperwork for a quicker, easier experience.